“Smart Safety System for schools by enabling IoT based Indoor Tracking of every child and by raising preventive safety alerts based upon proprietary AI algorithms.”

The Problem

53 percent of students face problem of bullying in the forms of physical, sexual and mental abuse.

As per CRY, 80 children are kidnapped everyday and there has been an 84 percent increase in child abduction cases between the period 2014-2016.

47 percent girls have faced sexual harassment at least once during school time.

38 percent abductions take place from school premises or enroute to school.

Limitations of Current Safety Systems

“Current Safety Systems rely upon their Staff and CCTV Cameras for maintaining safety. These systems are more of reactive measures and not proactive measures. There is a lack of system for instantaneous means of communication in times of danger”

  • Positioning staff at each and every corner of the schools at all the times is operationally an impossible task.
  • The staff, as has been proven in many cases, is the main culprit. Hence they cannot be relied upon.

  • Continuous monitoring of feed from hundred of cameras is operationally impossible and cameras cannot be deployed in personal spaces like bathrooms and admin rooms.
  • They are a reactive measure which are effective after the crime has occurred. But, there is a need for proactive solution to prevent the incident from happening

Our Solution


Smart Card

Every child is provided with a smart card with an easily accessible panic button.

Indoor Tracking

Each child is tracked at a very granular level inside the school premises.

Real time Update

Parents and school can see real time location of child through a mobile application.


AI Algorithms

Preventive safety alerts are raised when child deviates from usual behaviour pattern.

Panic button

The child has easy access to panic button to call for help in times of danger.


IVR Call

An automated IVR call alerts parents and school of danger and exact location of child.

Additional Features

Bus Tracking



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Team Members

Varun Sogani

IIT Delhi

Parva Thole

BITS Pilani

Kartikey Purohit

NIT Jodhpur